Corporate Statements


To become a centre of excellence in providing training in

public sector accounting, auditing and financial management.


Carrying out sustainable and cost effective training programs in financial management with particular emphasis on accounting and auditing to meet the needs of its stakeholders for efficient and effective financial management within an accountable and transparent framework.


To conduct efficient and effective training in the field of Auditing, Accounting Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and Management to all audit personnel;

To produce trained efficient, skilled and capable auditors to conduct the audit;

To produce trained efficient, skilled and capable accountants to prepare accounts

To enhance the efficiency and expertise of all audit personnel in various fields;

To contribute in strengthening the public sector financial management through training offered to local and foreign institution.


To provide calibre and competent group of instructors;

To deliver information about training programme schedule at least one month before the implementation of the training;

To plan and conduct quality training according to the CAG,s Strategic Plan

To conduct Auditing Accounting ICT and Management Training Programmes using the latest technology;

To provide comprehensive and latest materials and references; and

To provide conducive learning environment.


Financial Management Academy- a Leader in Quality Auditing and Accounting.


Financial Management Academy is committed and continuously offering
value-added professional training through conducive infrastructure
and calibre trainers